vineri, 3 octombrie 2008

obey your master...

da da vorbeam de camera reprezentantilor din congresul american. caci as cam paria ca vor vota bailoutul.

iata in loc sa vorbesc prea mult voi face trimitere la un alt blog - London Banker care descrie situatia cu lux de amanunte. punctez pe scurt din ce spune el:
  • planul nu este limitat la $700 mld ci are maximum expunere "at any one time" la aceasta suma. prin rulaj de active se folosesc mult mai multi bani;
  • este o spalare de bani cu dedicatie pentru prietenii lui Bush & Paulson pentru ca acele cateva banci conectate sa poata cumpara la preturi de nimic si pe banii contribuabilului activele bune existente in piata si depreciate ca urmare a crizei provocate tot de ei... misto suveica.
  • practic acest fond inlocuieste FEDul a carui bilant s-a umplut deja din cauza bailouturilor (Bear Stearns, Fannie & Fredie, AIG...) a creditelor acordate bancilor americane si care nu mai functioneaza. din nou pe banii contribuabilului...
  • aici citez direct, ca-i prea frumos spus:
"And then there is a huge arbitrage opportunity as well so that everyone makes money for years to come. According to the conference call, the pricing on offer from the Treasury will be a bit below Level 3 pricing. The toxic assets will be repackaged and resold with a new AAA wrapper, possibly priced well below what the Treasury paid, assuring a huge profit on both immediate liquidation by the banks and ultimate maturity by investors. The Fed gets its cash and Treasuries back; the banks make huge profits; the foreigners and off-shore tax avoiders get disguised ownership of the American financial system; the taxpayer gets ripped off. What’s not to love?"
  • se salveaza si investitorii starini care au amentintat probabil ca daca nu sunt protejati vor incepe un fire sale de active amricane. pe care cred ca-l vor face deghizat orsicum...
  • planul este spaga oferita de catre administratia Bush cercurilor financiare pentru a-si asigura niste joburi in sectorul privat la sfarsit de mandat.
  • unul din cititorii blogului facea trimitere la faptul ca anumiti deputati au fost amenintati ca se instaureaza legea martiala daca nu trece bailoutul...
si tot de la o trimitere de blog aici, apropo de recenta achizite a Wachovia de catre Wells Fargo, fara interventia FDIC:

"And now Wachovia has put partial freezes on Commonfund's Short and Intermediate Term Funds. How does all this tie together?

1) The FDIC can say, without needing Botox to maintain a straight face, "See, the system works. We aren't insolvent. (Yet.);"

2) Instead of three banks (JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America) holding nearly one third of the deposits in the US and Citi weighing in at over 11%, you will have four (Add Wells.) at nearly 40% and none over 10% (Appearance is everything when looking at market concentrations.);

3) The presidents of the 1,000 or so colleges and universities with investments in Commonfund will be calling Congress today screaming, "Do something!"

All this just in time for the House revote on the bailout."

cum ziceau baietii aia de la Metallica:

"Master of puppets Im pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you cant see a thing..."

cu scuzele de rigoare pentru putina valoare adaugata, n-am mai stat sa prelucrez informatia, mi s-a parut ca n-as putea zice nimic in plus.

LE: iata ca s-a votat si bailoutul...

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