miercuri, 8 octombrie 2008

all the friends money can buy

trouble never comes alone as they say. or, to put it differently, if you can't help your friends in dire times they might turn to your enemy.

poor Iceland, left out there in the cold (pun intended) with no assistance from fellow NATO members, has turned to Russia, the cash rich neighbour, that is considering a $4bio. loan as the much needed gulp of air to the asphyxiating Icelandic financial system.

on the other hand Pakistan has also come to knock on the US door for some $10 bio. spare change. with a crumbling economy, a currency rating just above selective default and a troubled political system Pakistan is less and less willing to support the US in their anti terror efforts.

now what do you say to your old ally when he asks you for help knowing that Islamic extremism is infiltrating the military structures and that Pakistan has nukes?

well America, it's about time you foot the bill for Bush's (and not only) foreign policy...

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