miercuri, 17 septembrie 2008

incoming...! take cover....

wow !!! in a matter of days, the whole financial landscape shifted. Lehman Brothers is gone, Merrill has been bought, AIG was rescued (with a loan instead of equity, allowing short term creditors to escape at the expense of senior debt ) by the FED. And that's yesterday's news...

Let's look at what's cooking today (and wow isn't this A LOT):

and most importantly :

THE FED RAN OUT OF FUNDS! i.e. the US Treasury will create more debt to expand the FED's balance sheet.

as I said before, bonjour hyperinflation!!! or are they preparing a buffer for the upcoming bank rush, to be delivered via discount window mechanisms?

these are serious signs of extraordinary times, with hyper accelerated and interconnected transformations of unknown magnitudes. these are also harbingers of further control consolidation over the economic, social and democratic structures and wealth re-distribution by TPTB.

or worst, they could be the pretext for major geo-political disturbances (as in wars or similar actions), that mask the swindling of fortunes....

hold on to your panties, we might have started that free fall... from here on it's accelerating. changes will pick-up pace and it will be more and more difficult to separate clutter from the real news.

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